Yog Vidya
Faculty - Smt. Pratiksha Killedar
Yog Vidya

Smt. Pratiksha Killedar is a seasoned yoga instructor committed to fostering holistic well-being. She brings a wealth of experience and a deep passion for yoga to our institute. With a BA in Economics (Hons) and a strong foundation in yogic education, she completed her Yoga Teacher's Training Course and Yogic Therapy at Yoga Vidya Niketan. Additionally, she holds certifications in "Power Yoga" and has undergone a year of intensive training in Hatha Yogic practices and Vinyasa Flow at Ashtanga Yoga Classes. Her professional journey includes conducting yoga summer camps, leading workshops for corporate groups, and organizing awareness sessions for various communities.

She has been instrumental in imparting the art of yoga to students and teachers in schools. As a dedicated disciple of Pujaniya Guruji Padma Shri Sadashiv Nimbalkar, she is on a mission to spread the profound message of "योग विद्या घरोघरी" (Yoga in every home).

Currently serving as a Yogic Therapist, she provides consultations for clients dealing with a range of health issues, including BP, Thyroid, and Sciatica. Join her on a transformative journey toward well-being through the wisdom of yoga, as she continues to regularly conduct classes at Vitamin Art.

About Yoga

Yog Vidya

Yoga, the invaluable gift bestowed upon the world by Bharat, resonates as a timeless treasure. No matter the heights we achieve in materialistic endeavors, the intrinsic human need for inner peace, contentment, and a sense of bliss persists. This profound harmony emerges when the mind seamlessly aligns with the body, and in its essence, Yoga signifies this connection—bridging the soul and the physical form. The result is a harmonious blend fostering both physical and mental fitness, paving the way for a more enjoyable, prolonged, and healthy life.

At Vitamin Art, we delve into the teachings of the Traditional Yogic system coupled with the transformative practice of meditation. Our classes, conducted thrice a week on alternate days, consist of invigorating one-hour sessions. Join us on this journey of self-discovery and holistic well-being. Come, embrace the union of mind and body, and experience the enriching benefits of Yoga.