Bharat Natyam
Faculty - Smt. Vinaya Ananth Krishna
Gayan Kala

She is an embodiment of artistry and melody. Rooted in the cultural heaven of Udupi, her journey is a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity.

Born, brought up and educated in the picturesque landscapes of Udupi, she holds an MCA degree, showcasing her dedication not only to the world of technology but also to her passion for music. Guided by the illustrious Smt. Madhavi Bhat, her Music Guru from Udupi, she has imbibed the essence of classical music, adding depth and grace to her vocal repertoire. Her musical odyssey has graced stages across the country, from the vibrant cityscape of Kolkata to the cultural hubs of Chennai, the bustling metropolis of Mumbai, and the familiar landscapes of Udupi.

Her soul-stirring performances have transcended the boundaries of conventional concerts, resonating in various dance programs and Arangetrams, enriching the visual arts with the magic of her voice.

Versatility is the hallmark of her musical prowess. From rendering devotional songs in multiple languages to embracing the soulful tunes of folk songs, light music, and the enchanting world of cinema, she effortlessly navigates through diverse musical landscapes.

She not only brings the expertise of a vocal maestro but also infuses the spirit of cultural heritage from Udupi into our academy. Join us on a melodious journey under her tutelage, as she imparts not just the technicalities of music but also the passion and soul that make every note resonate with meaning and emotion.

Gayan Kala

Gayan Kala

Discover the soul-stirring melody of Bharateeya Gayan Kala Kala, an exploration into the exquisite realm of Indian vocal music, renowned worldwide for its captivating beauty and the intricate interplay of raag and taala. At Vitamin Art, we take pride in offering a comprehensive music course that delves into the rich tapestry of both Hindustani and Carnatic styles.

Our focus lies on Carnatic Vocal music, a tradition that has been meticulously nurtured by devoted musicians throughout history. In addition to the classical form, our course encompasses the soulful rendition of Abhangas, the devotional fervor of Bhajans, and the expressive grace of Padams. This holistic approach ensures that students not only grasp the fundamentals of Carnatic music but also immerse themselves in the spiritual and emotive dimensions of this art form.

Join us every Saturday evening at the Vitamin Art studio in Dahisar West for an immersive musical journey. Our expert instructors guide students through the intricacies of vocal training, shaping their voices from the foundational basics to the heights of musical expression. The curriculum includes Swargyaan, imparting the knowledge essential for understanding and practicing correct notes, as well as rhythmic training to instill a profound understanding of taala.

Aspiring musicians, both beginners and those seeking to refine their skills, are invited to join our vibrant musical community. At Vitamin Art, we are not just teaching music; we are nurturing a passion for the art, fostering a deep appreciation for its cultural roots, and providing a platform for every voice to resonate in harmony. Come, be a part of this musical odyssey, and let the transformative power of Indian vocal music unfold under our guidance.